FoundationSearch Australia - Features Summary

Providing detailed information for Australia's largest foundations and trusts; FoundationSearch Australia utilizes advanced data visualization technology to provide intuitive access to this information.

By using an interactive map or "Foundation Visualizer" you are now able to dynamically view multi-level detail for foundations and trusts throughout Australia.

Foundation Visualizer

As shown in the sample below; By placing your mouse cursor over a specific state, you can view the total number of foundations located in that state...

You are also able to customize the map based on foundations with specific funding interests simply by selecting one or more interests from the menu and clicking "Go"

To view a breakdown of foundations located by region, select "Map Detail" from the view menu....

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By clicking on a specific state, you can view a list of foundations located in that state based on the criteria (giving interests) you've selected...

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Foundation Profile

As shown in the sample below, by clicking on the name of an organization in your search result, you are able to view, print or save a detailed profile including contact information, website & email addresses, names of Trustees, areas of benefit & operation and the annual disbursement of the Foundation (when available)...

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Foundation Search

Another method of locating funding sources is by using the Foundation Search tool...

Using this method, you can pinpoint funders using specific search criteria.  In the example below, we are searching for all foundations which operate in Australia and are interested in funding education.  From the "View results in" selector, we have chosen "List" view.  This search result will provide you with a list of foundations based on the selected criteria and sorted alphabetically by foundation name.

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FoundationNews Search

FoundationNews™ is a service that helps charities keep up to date with newsworthy stories relating to foundations and trusts.

There are two unique ways to search for news stories through FoundationNews™;

FoundationNews Keyword Search allows you to free-text search through thousands of news stories related to philanthropy...

FoundationNews Archive Search allows you to search for news stories relating to a particular foundation or trust, in a specific country or by a specified publication date.

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Global Grant Visualizer

Enables users to view international granting on a global level via point-and-click on a World map interface. This interactive map allows users to "drill-down" into specific regions of the world to view grants made to the various philanthropic sectors in that region.

The map shown below represents grants distributed throughout Oceana; By placing your mouse over Australia, you can view the number of grants received and their total value in $USD... clicking on Australia, you are presented with a list of grants including the granting foundation, giving category, grant size, granting year and grant description if available.

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